Zombie Boy: Death by Negligence


Most likely, the sudden death of the 32-year-old Canadian model, a hero of the Guinness Book of Records, an outrageous Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) was accidental. At least, Rick’s relatives and his manager do not believe he has committed suicide as the man had a bunch of plans and left no suicide note, People wrote.

Zombie Boy fell from a third-floor in a mansion balcony Montreal’s Plateau-Mont Royal neighborhood. Despite that the height was quite small, Rick’s injuries proved to be fatal. Paramedics who arrived at the site of the tragedy, tried to reanimate the star, but failed.

Genest’s manager, Karim Ledak, said the balcony that the star fell from was “very dangerous”.

“Just three weeks ago, I visited that balcony with him and was on it with him smoking a cigarette, as well. It’s a fire balcony – and he was sitting on the railing, leaning back, and then fell from it to the floor,” said the representative of the model .

Ledak says his client and friend was not one of those who are capable of committing suicide. Genest was a “trooper” even in difficult emotional moments, he thought about his loved ones. In the morning of the tragedy, Karim received a message from Rick on Facebook, in which he wrote how he appreciated their relationship. The model did not see his friend’s response as he was without his phone on that day. He tragically died at around five PM.

On that evening, Denest was with his girlfriend in her apartment. Rick told her that he was going to go on the balcony to have a cigarette. He was not back too long, so the girl came back to see a terrible picture.

Denest was sober and clean on that day, Denest said.

The pop diva Lady Gaga apologized to Rick’s family and friends for claiming in an earlier tribute that Zombie Boy took his own life. It was “an unjustified conclusion,” she said.

Canadian authorities have stated that the death of Rico was a suicide .

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