Weinstein Into Another Rape Lawsuit


Embattled producer Harvey is under the fire again as Weinstein German actress Emma Loman accused Weinstein of raping her raped her in 2006 during the Cannes Film Festival.

Loman says she met a scandalous producer in 2004 at the Venice Film Festival, and later he invited her to Cannes as a guest to discuss her career. The actress alleges that Weinstein’s assistant made her up to 30 annoying calls a day, inciting her to a meeting.

The actress says that several meetings were in fact professional, but in the end Weinstein lured her into his hotel room and committed sexual violence over her, warning that disclosing this would ruin her career.

Currently, a court deals with six charges of Harvey Weinstein in sexual harassment and rape. At the end of 2017, several dozen Hollywood workers accused the producer of sex crimes.

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