US Army Evacuating Military Bases Ahead of Hurricane Florence


The US Navy is moving personnel and ships because of the approach of Hurricane Florence. Air and ground forces are transferring combat aircraft to safer bases. Insignificant groups of marines, who remain in the danger zone, are actively digging around.

The most famous military bases like Camp Lodge in North Carolina, the Norfolk marine station in Virginia and the Parris Island maritime recruiting depot, were in the hurricane zone of Florence, in South Carolina.

Thousands of Marines, along with their families, have already left the Camp Ledge base in Jacksonville. However, the military command reported that those who remain in place will be provided with food, water and protection.

Brigadier General Julian Alford told The Washington Post that Camp Ledge and its infantrymen have been trained since 1941 to deal with crises both at home and abroad, and the Florence is no exception.

Some members of the military families began to complain on Facebook that no one at Camp Ledge announced a forced evacuation. One can leave the area only voluntarily. But in any case, all the personnel were released from service for the duration of the hurricane. The soldiers were told that they could move with their family to another locality within a radius of 600 miles around Jacksonville.

Press secretary of the military command Camp Ledge Nat Fagi said that the base is the safest place for all who decided to stay. The shelters on its territory are already open to all and equipped with everything necessary. The edition writes that only 40,000 US military personnel are serving at the base. How many of them decided to stay and face the hurricane is not exactly known.

Fort Bragg in North Carolina reported that most of the helicopters of the 82nd Airborne Division were evacuated to Georgia. In Virginia, representatives of the navy gave the order for evacuation for all military personnel and civilians, as well as reservists who live in certain coastal regions.

The US Air Force and the National Guard will relocate their aircraft away from the coast of Virginia deep into Ohio. Representatives of the Langley airbase told the publication that local F-22 and T-38 training aircraft today Talon will go to the airbase of the Rickenbacker National Guard in central Ohio. After them, about 100 soldiers will leave.

Hurricane Florence is projected to come ashore in the Carolinas on Thursday, bringing flooding, a storm surge and high winds.

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