Unusual winter weather leads to power outages and many nuisances in parts USA

Heavy rain and snowfall causes a lot of inconvenience in parts of the United States. Due to days of winter conditions, a million homes and businesses suffered power outages last week, major roads were closed and hundreds of flights were canceled. At least three people died.

Across the US, more than 460 flights were canceled yesterday and more than 7,400 flights were delayed, the website FlightAware reports. Some major highways are closed because the driving conditions are too dangerous.

In Michigan alone, about 600,000 households were without electricity yesterday. Due to the winter weather, power cables were covered under a thick layer or ice or came down due to the weight. In recent days, temperatures have been well below freezing in many places in the state.

In California, The Weather Service has issued an alarm for cold winter weather, with snow, rain and flooding. Tens of thousands of people also suffered from power outages there.

“This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation,” a message sent to smartphones read. “Do not travel unless you are fleeing due to flooding.”

In some areas, according to the weather service, up to 230 millimeters of rain can fall, which is why flooding and landslides are also warned.

For the first time in more than thirty years, Los Angeles and the surrounding area have been warned of a snowstorm. In San Francisco, on February 24, the lowest temperature in 132 years was recorded. It became 4 degrees, slightly colder than the record in 1891.

Heavy rainfall is expected in many parts of California today. The Weather Service says a huge low pressure area from the North Pole is causing the wintry weather.

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