Twitter shows another example of ‘free speech protection’


Twitter has blocked the account of Donald Trump’s new communication platform. The former president of the United States himself has been banned from Twitter for some time.

Trump released his own platform on Tuesday afternoon where he can share messages, photos and videos. The Facebook Instagram platform, from the Desk of Donald J. Trump, appears to be a response to his banishment from social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Trump created a new Twitter account for the communication platform, while he himself is no longer welcome on Twitter. However, the company did not go along with that: the account was blocked Wednesday evening, reports The New York Post. Twitter hasn’t spoken on that yet.

The company decided to permanently block the former president after the Storming of the Capitol by his supporters on January 6. Several other platforms followed this example.

Facebook’s Facebook independent supervisory board ruled on Wednesday that Facebook was in its right when Trump suspended from the platform. However, Facebook has to look again at the suspension, because according to the supervisory board the punishment was too arbitrary.

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