Trump and Biden are fighting for favor with Florida voters


American president Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden are both campaigning in Florida on Thursday. A few days before the elections, the candidates are still in a tight race in that crucial state.

According to local media, Trump holds his meeting at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa at the beginning of the afternoon. At the president’s previous campaign meetings, thousands of supporters came. They often didn’t wear mouth caps. Biden’s rally starts a few hours later in the same city and probably looks very different. Those present must remain in their cars to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Florida is one of the most important states in the election. The Sunshine State, where 29 of the 538 electors can be divided, has chosen the final winner for almost every presidential election since 1964. Trump won in 2016 and is now trying to retain the favor of the voters. Polls suggest it’s going to be very exciting this year.

Biden is well ahead in the polls nationwide and comes in heavy artillery on Saturday. Then, he campaigns with his former political boss, Barack Obama.

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