The Trump organization is accused in tax fraud


The Trump Organization, the family business of former US president Donald Trump and his children, is accused of evading taxes on $ 1.76 million of income. Prosecutors in New York reported that on Thursday.

A prosecutor spoke of tax fraud over 15 years through payments that were kept off the books. Financial CEO Allen Weisselberg of the Trump Organization and the Trump Payroll Company are also accused of this.

These are benefits such as leasing cars, housing and private education, which are regarded as income but on which no tax has been paid. Top people of the Trump Organization would have arranged the black payments. They themselves would have benefited from it by secret wage increases.

Jeffrey McConney, director and later senior vice president of the Trump Organization, has given testimony. He oversaw the financial administration in his capacity as a director. McConney worked for the company for almost 35 years.

The Trump Organization and Weisselberg said Thursday they’re not guilty. Trump spoke on Thursday of a witch hunt of the radical Left Democrats.

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