Russian Cosmonaut Said to Fly to Moon on US ship


Russian cosmonaut may join the mission of the American spacecraft Orion, which will go to the Moon approximately in 2024, Russian RIA Novosti agency reported referring to a source in the rocket and space industry.

Roscosmos, a governmental space agency participates in the international project for the creation of Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, for which Russian specialists can manufacture the Gateway Airlock Module for ill be used for performing extravehicular activities outside the space station. The construction of the station will begin in 2022, and the Russian section will be connected in 2024, according to RIAN.

The possibility of flying a Russian cosmonaut within the Orion crew of the, which will tow the Russian airlock to the Moon, was discussed in mid-April in Houston at an international group meeting. “The Russian cosmonaut will have to provide on-site integration of the module into the station,” RIAN quoted an unnamed source as saying.

According to the agency’s source in Energia, the rocket and space corporation that is planned to make the airlock module, four manned missions are planned for the lunar orbital station.

“Negotiations are under way to include another Russian cosmonaut in yet another crew, but they are in the very initial stage,” the source noted.

Previously, NASA and the Roscosmos informally announced last September a new partnership for human exploration of the moon and deep space.

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