Postal service suddenly found itself as pillar of freedom


At this very moment American democracy is in grave danger, some guy on the Internet considers. The President of the United States is attacking the right to vote (by mail). The right to vote is essential in a Constitutional Republic. The American people pick our leaders – fulfilling our commitment to being a government, “Of the People, By the People, For the People.”

Trump’s scheme to cause chaos at the US Postal Service and undermine faith in our voting system — in the midst of a pandemic no less — must be met with a rededication by all Americans who love this country to vote the president out of office.

Donald Trump is losing the election because he has abused his power, desecrated his office, shamed and humiliated the nation, and been the most incompetent leader during a crisis in American History.

We have held elections every four years since 1788 — through World Wars, a Civil War, and economic depression. But for the first time in American history, a President has revealed himself as an enemy from within. He stands as the greatest threat to American democracy since the traitor Confederates he venerates were advancing forward on the second day of Gettysburg in 1863.

Does anyone doubt that if Trump were to win a second term, he would lock up his opponents, shutter newspapers, and seek to impose authority over other media?

Does anyone doubt that he would abuse the rule of law to punish enemies and reward cronies?

Does anyone doubt that he would lie to us and say he is halting the postal changes while covertly working to continue them?

Trump is causing chaos in America. He has attacked and weakened our most vital institutions for the past four years, and now, he has decided that he will stay in power by any means necessary, even going as far as to muse about running for an unconstitutional third-term in 2024.

Trump is trying to steal the election using a voter suppression scheme that confuses Americans and undermines the very basics of voting.

The US Postal Service has been selected by Trump to be the unwitting bludgeon as he assaults our free and fair elections process. He has installed a crony at the head of the USPS to make changes that will sow confusion and slow mail service, threatening the ability of the USPS to deliver mail-in ballots on time.

And it’s not only the election. Imagine our fellow citizens, seniors, and veterans, who need their medications right now. The inescapable reality is that more Americans will die needlessly as the result of yet another cold, calculating, and calloused decision by Trump.

The USPS is as old as the nation and shares with it a storied history. The first US Postmaster General was Dr. Benjamin Franklin. He understood that mail delivery is amongst the very highest priorities and requirements of a functioning national government.

From the daring days of the Pony Express, to the pioneering Air Mail pilots at the dawn of aviation, to the men and women who walk a route today and know our kids’ names and always have a treat for the dog, the USPS has been a vital part of our country. We cannot let Trump and his appointees threaten it.

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