Plan to kidnap governor Gretchen Whitmer thwarted


The US authorities claim to have thwarted a plan to kidnap governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. At least 13 suspects are being prosecuted. These include the men who would have planned to kidnap Whitmer at her holiday home. That’s where they would have gathered information.

The Democrat Whitmer called the conspirators “sick” and “depraved” at a press conference.”She also lashed out at president Donald Trump. He was accused of creating more mistrust and anger in society during the pandemic. “The president stood in front of the American people only last week and refused to condemn white nationalists and hate groups, such as these two Michigan militias.”

The FBI tracked down the conspiracy against Whitmer through social media. There would have been talk of a possible violent uprising against the government. One of the main suspects was alleged to have called the governor a “tyrant” and a “bitch” in a live video on Facebook. He also complained about government measures against the coronavirus.

In June, the suspect said he needed” 200 men ” to storm the government building in Lansing. There, the governor had to be imprisoned and later tried for treason. The group eventually decided to strike at the holiday home and considered using explosives to distract the attention of the police. Also, a local militia was called in.

The authorities are prosecuting six men allegedly involved in the plot to kidnap the governor. They risk a life sentence. Seven people with ties to The Wolverine Watchmen militia also have to answer to the judge. They are suspected of logistical support for terrorists and other criminal offences.

Whitmer, who has long been known as a critic of president Trump, made himself unpopular in some circles by conducting a strict Coronation policy. Thousands of right-wing activists took to the streets earlier this year to protest against her measures, which they found far too strict. Trump has encouraged such protests by writing” liberated Michigan ” on Twitter.

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