National Guard stands ready to support our nation: Gov. Scott Walker


Governor Scott Walker will send National Guard troops of Wisconsin to the US-Mexican borders if asked by the Administration – Amy Hasenberg, spokeswoman of Governor has said. Up to 4000 of Guardsmen will be deployed at the border to reinforce the Border Patrols and to prevent Mexicans from entering the USA illegally. The National Guard will help the Border Guards to prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

As for now there was no request from Trump Administration to Wisconsin’s National Guards to join the forces. Amy Hasenberg has pointed out that while no mission has been brought to the State of Wisconsin at this time, Wisconsin is ready to support the mission if called.

Earlier Friday Democratic U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, of Wisconsin, sent Walker a letter urging him not to send troops if asked, calling Trump’s plan “grossly irresponsible” and would politicize their service, Chicago Tribune reports.

Donald Trump is not the first president who called National Guards to help Border Guards in resolving problems of drug and human trafficking. President Obama and Bush have done it before him.

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