More than 300 Newspapers Join Efforts Against Trump’s Attacks


More than 300 US publications run editorials in connection with the President Donald Trump continued attacks on the media, Reuters reported.

The idea of ​​the campaign was proposed by The Boston Globe. “We are going to publish an editorial on August 16 about the dangers of administration attacks on the press and ask others to publish their own articles on the same day,” the publication announced. The newspaper published an editorial under the heading “Journalists are not the enemy”. It features the results of a poll that found that almost a half (48%) of Republican voters favoured the statement “The news media is the enemy of the American people,” while only 28 percent disagreed. The Globe reminded that the greatness of America depends on a free press, capable of telling the truth to the strong.

The campaign was joined by press majors like The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Chicago Sun-Times. Reuters notes that some publications that supported the action are from the red states. CNN indicates that the action is coordinated by several large US journalistic organizations, among them the American Society of News Editors.

The campaign, initiated by The Boston Globe, was supported by journalists outside the United States. In particular, the British Guardian released an editorial titled “At work, not at war.”

Earlier, the American president repeatedly accused the American media that they are biased against him and the decisions of his administration. He stressed that such TV channels as CNN, NBC, ABC publish deliberately false information about him. Tramp’s dissatisfaction was also caused by print publications, including The New York Times. He called journalists working in these media “enemies of the people.”

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