Mnuchin Shrugs Off Reports on Trump’s Intention To Quit WTO


US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin denied media reports that President Donald Trump on many occasions spoke about the need for the US to withdraw from the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

“There’s no breaking news here… it’s not right,” Mnuchin told Fox Business Network on Friday, calling the report “fake news.” The Axios news website citing own insider sources reported earlier in the day that Trump repeatedly told advisers he wanted the United States to quit the WTO, a move with potentially disastrous implications for global commerce.

Mnuchin confirmed, however, Trump’s concerns about the discrimination of the United States in the WTO. 

“The president has been clear, with us and with others, he has concerns about the WTO.” 

The treasure secretary said Trump believes that some WTO aspects are unfair that China and other countries have used it to their own advantage.

“But we are focused on free trade. That’s what we’re focused on – breaking down barriers,” Mnuchin assured Today Axios, referring to a source close to the negotiations on foreign trade relations with President Donald Trump, said that the US president has repeatedly told White House officials that he wants the US to leave the WTO.

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