Mass rally at Washington DC, clashes between pro-Trump crowds and Antifa reported


Thousands of supporters of American president went out on Saturday in Washington to protest the election results. In some places in the U.S. capital, Trump supporters fought with opponents of the incumbent president.

The thousands of pro-Trump protesters gathered mainly in the area around the Capitol in the state. Among the pro-Trump protesters were hundreds of members of the right-wing group Proud Boys. Many of the members were wearing body armor and helmets.

Opponents of the American president also gathered in Washington. The local police tried to keep the president’s supporters and Antifa apart by, among other things, closing roads.

At the beginning of the evening, some groups of protesters split off, after which they clashed in the center of Washington. Witnesses tell that police has to use pepper spray to keep the two groups apart.

During the riots, police made 23 arrests. A total of eight people were injured, four of them were stabbed.

On Saturday, the US president posted a video on Twitter showing him flying his helicopter over a group of protesters, who applauded him.

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