Louisville shooter arrested, it was one of the #BLM protesters


A man has been arrested for the shooting during a Black Lives Matter protest in the US city of Louisville, local police report Monday. One man was killed in Saturday’s firearm violence. One was grievly injured.

The man is suspected to have opened fire on a group of peaceful demonstrators in a park. He was also injured in the shooting. The suspect has been taken to hospital where he is being monitored by the police.

“The man has participated in the protests since the beginning and has been arrested several times in recent weeks,” said an assistant to the police chief in Louisville.

The suspect would have been questioned several times by other demonstrators on Saturday because he showed disturbing behavior.

The protest in the largest city in the state of Kentucky was marked by the death of a local resident, 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. The health care provider was shot and killed at home by police on March 13, after armed officers came in without notice.

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