Judy Shelton candidacy blocked in Senate


The appointment of Judy Shelton as director of the Federal Reserve, the umbrella of central banks in the United States, has been blocked in the US Senate. Partly because two Republican senators were quarantined because of the coronavirus, there were not enough votes among the Republicans to continue the nomination against the Resistance of the Democrats in the Senate.

The blockade is a setback for the leader of the Republican Senate Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump who has put forward Shelton as a candidate for the Fed position. Shelton was an economic advisor to Trump during his 2016 election campaign and is known as a critic of the Fed policy. Trump himself has often criticised the US central bank.

The intention now is for a new Senate vote on Shelton’s nomination as soon as the Republican senators return from quarantine and there should be a Republican majority in the Senate.

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