Head of the US election fraud division resigns


The head of the Election Crimes Division of the Department of Justice in the United States is stepping down immediately. According to American media, his departure is the result of an internal appeal by Justice Minister William Barr to investigate “substantial allegations” of electoral fraud.

“Now that I know what the new policy is and what the consequences are, I’m sorry to have to resign as director of the Election Crimes industry,” says Richard Pilger’s statement.

He forwarded the letter with his decision to colleagues, including the memo from Barr.

Election fraud has been a heated topic since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election on Saturday. Donald Trump and his campaign team have repeatedly claimed that there has been a large-scale fraud with votes and counting.

In the memo, Barr, a loyal ally of the president, does not claim that there has actually been tampering. Nor does he mention any examples of possible suspicious situations. He does, however, encourage his officials to get to the bottom of “serious allegations of electoral fraud”, for example by interviewing witnesses.

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