Hackers Crack US Voting Machines


Hackers from all over the world had a rare opportunity to break down electoral machines at the Defcon conference in Las Vegas this week.

It took only about an hour and a half Carsten Schürmann, an associate professor with the department of the IT-University of Copenhagen, to successfully hack a voting machine at the Defcon Convention in Las Vegas on Friday. Schürmann gained access Advanced Voting Solutions’ 2000 WinVote machine through a Wi-Fi system, CNET reported Tuesday.

Another cyber security expert, Thomas Richards, said he realised how such machine can be hacked upon a few-minutes reflection.

Voting technology has been the forefront of US political attention, when electoral systems in several states became targets of foreign cyberattacks. The Las Vegas convention acquired more than 30 machines for the event, all of whom were successfully hacked. The organizers did not specify how many models these units represent.

The organizers tried to answer the question of how protected are voting machines can they be hacked, and how easily. The tests revealed a variety of shortcomings and vulnerabilities. Another team of security consultants hacked their machine using a mobile application.

Hackers hope that their discoveries will lead to effective changes in voting technology.

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