Fox News Sacks Contributor for ‘Lying Skank’ Tweets


It is ridiculous, but Internet was used to be praised as a ‘freedom of speech’ platform. It really never was, and in fact it is more the tool of oppression rather than constitutional freedoms. Formally there is no ‘censorship’ as corprorations, not the state is enforcing the desirable agenda. We’ve seen it before and we seen it again: somebody was fired for the tweet or post in Facebook. Everything is done according to the freedoms. The Employer has right to fire somebody, after all. But the result is more than predictable: freedom of speech turns to the freedom of being loyal. This time Kevin Jackson was fired from his contributor position from Fox News – purely for the set of tweets critical to the critics of Brett Cavanaugh. Please keep in mind that the critics were no fired by their employers. That’s how the censorship works.

Fox News fired its permanent contributor Kevin Jackson, who allowed himself a number of offensive words against critics of Brett Cavanaugh.

The reason for Jackson’s comments were accusations of several women of Cavanaugh sexual misconduct during college years. In his Twitter, the expert referred to the judge’s accusers as “lying scams.”

Jackson went on and later commented on Twitter that all women with left-wing views, as opposed to conservative women, are corrupt and have t be sued.

Fox News has responded to all this with a message that it will no longer cooperate with Jackson as his comments were reprehensible and do not reflect the values of FOX News.

Cavanaugh rejected all accusations against him. He admitted that he often drank beer while in high school, but never drank to unconsciousness and did not subject anyone to sexual violence. The Supreme Court nominee insisted that he was a shy young man in his youth and virgin because of religious beliefs.

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