Florence Death Toll Reaches 35, Environmental Consequences Imminent


Tropical storm ‘Florence’ was not as fierce as it was awaited. Instead it followed another strategy and slowly flooded the affected area. As a result of record high rainfalls some people died of drowning, some have been electrocuted or buried beneath collapsed buildings. The situation is serious and will remain for a while.

The death toll of the hurricane Florence on the southeastern coast of the United States reached 35 people as the flooding continues. Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper urged people not to return to their homes until the effects of the disaster are eliminated. According to the media reports, the water level in the rivers continues to grow because of prolonged downpours.

Large-scale floods led to the flooding of farms and chemical plants, which is fraught with serious consequences for the ecology of the region. Hundreds of highways in the affected areas are blocked, which complicates rescue operations. More than 300 thousand homes are left without electricity. According to analysts, the amount of damage exceeds $ 22 billion.

Florence reached the southeastern coast of the USA last week. At present, it is weakened to the post-tropical cyclone category. The wind speed dropped almost fourfold down to 30mph.

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