Facebook ‘kindly asks’ to dismiss an antitrust case against the company


Facebook has asked a federal judge in the United States to dismiss an antitrust case against the tech company from the market regulator Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and dozens of US states. Facebook claims Facebook has no “valid evidence” that Facebook has a monopoly position or is causing damage to customers.

Facebook was sued by the FTC and 46 states at the end of last year. They accuse Facebook of wanting to eliminate potential competitors for years, including by buying them up.

This Is The First Time Facebook has responded to the charges. According to the company, The Trade Commission in the issue completely ignores the “reality of the dynamic, intensely competitive high-tech industry in which Facebook operates”.

According to the complaint, Facebook systematically abused its market power. In addition to buying up potential competitors, software developers should adhere to conditions that make it more difficult to compete with Facebook itself. In addition, Facebook denied developers access to certain information.

The complainants want Facebook to be punished and make up for the abuse of power. This could be done by reversing previous acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram, for example. Facebook should also change the terms for software developers and ask for approval in advance if it wants to take over a company.

In the event of a victory, Facebook could avoid a lawsuit and conclude the issue unscathed. According to the company, the government’s case is unprecedented. Facebook says that no court has ever ruled that the FTC can undo a merger, years after the regulator had investigated the case itself. At the time, for example, the FTC did not object to acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram.

The FTC and American states have until April to respond to Facebook’s motions.

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