Duped Georgia Senator Quits 


A Republican senator in the state legislature of Georgia, Jason Spencer, will surrender his mandate within a month after allowing himself racist statements and dropping pants on a prank television show directed and hosted by British shock comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, said chamber spokesman David Ralston. 

Spencer has offered his resignation letter to the speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, and will resign until July 31.

During an appearance on the “Who’s America?” show on Showtime, Spencer, at the suggestion disguised Cohen, slurred African-Americans, Middle Easterners and Asians and demonstrated how he would distract the terrorists during the battle. 

At the urging of Cohen, who presented himself as an Israeli anti-terrorist expert, Spenser took off his pants to show how he would scare-off homophobic ISIS terrorists. The bare-assed senator shouted “US” and “America”.

Spencer’s term in office would have expired in October.

Sasha Baron Cohen is a British comedic director, actor and screenwriter. He is known for his scandalous films “Borat”, “Bruno” and others, in which he played the main roles.
The Spenser video went viral on the Internet.

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