Donald Trump wishes Joe Biden quick recovery


President Donald Trump wished his likely successor a quick recovery after Joe Biden sprained his ankle on Saturday. That’s what happened when he slipped playing with his dog Major.

The winner of the American presidential election has been examined by an orthopedist as a precaution. Trump responded to a video showing Biden getting into a car after his treatment.

Biden’s doctor reports that the incoming president has not suffered a fracture. However, a CT scan showed hairline fractures in the mid-footer. Biden will have to be a must there with a foot race.

The only problem in the Biden family’s holiday home in Rehoboth Beach in the state of Delaware, where the Bidens are pouring through Thanksgiving weekend.

Biden (78) is the oldest president starting his term of office.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill are known as dog lovers. They took their shepherds Champ and Major and a cat to the White House. President Trump didn’t bring any pets.

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