Donald Trump claims victory, demands voting recount


President Donald Trump wants the counting of votes to stop immediately in all states. That’s what the Supreme Court should decide. The president claims victory but sees fraud, he said in a speech around 2: 30 a.m. local time, to the anger of the opponents.

“We were getting ready for a great victory. We were winning, but suddenly it’s stopped,” Trump said. Elections ended in a tight race. Fox News is now closing to Joe Biden 238 electoral votes and 213 to Donald Trump. However, the results of some major swing states are not yet known.

While votes are still counted, Trump is already claiming victory in every three state. At the same time, he suggested that the voting process was not accurate.

“Arizona would have been nice. We did well, but I saw that the numbers went down substantially, with only a small number of votes.”

“We had such a great night. Look at all these states. And look at the margins. We won states and look what happened to the election, what happened? Suddenly everything stopped. This is a fraud for the American public. A disgrace to our country. We were winning, and actually we won this election. Our goal is to consolidate the integrity of our country. This is a big moment! A gigantic disgrace. We’ll go to the Supreme Court and we want to stop counting now. It’s a very sad moment. But we will win, and I think we’ve already won.”

Trump’s statements are outrageous, unprecedented and inaccurate, says Joe Biden’s campaign team’s manager in a statement. If the president tries to stop the count through the judge – something he explicitly stated – the Biden team has ” legal teams ready to fight it. And they will overcome.”

“It is scandalous because it is an unabated attempt to deprive American citizens of their democratic rights. It was unprecedented because never before in our history has a president tried to take Americans ‘ votes in a national election. And it was wrong because it’s not gonna happen. The counting won’t stop. It goes on until every valid vote is counted. Because that’s what our law dictates.”

On CNN, Trump’s step was called “undemocratic”. A president who wants to shut down and undermine the voting process is historic and ‘shocking’ according to the analysts for the news channel. There are millions of votes to be counted. Chris Wallace of Fox News, a network that is normally on the hand of the incumbent president, also states that Trump “throws a match in a highly volatile situation” with his quotes on fraud.

During the night, it became increasingly clear that Trump is a serious candidate for victory in the United States. Betting shops changed a wide ‘ preference’ for Biden to a large for Trump. Later, it made up for something. News media report, based on the polls, that Biden, for example, appears to be winning New Hampshire and, according to Fox News, Arizona. But not all the votes have been counted. In Wisconsin and Michigan, for example-crucial states-it’s going to take a long time.

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