CNBC: Most Americans Approve of Trump’s Economy Performance 


For the first time since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, more than half of Americans approve of his performance in the economy, CNBC reports citing the results of an own All-America Economic Survey.

Thus, 54% of Americans believe that the US economy is “good or excellent”. This is the highest presidential approval rate registered by CNBC in ten years. Just 43% of respondents say the economy is fair or poor.

The rating of the economic approval of the US president rose six points to 51%, while only 36% of the polled are dissatisfied, which is six points lower than the results of the March survey. The overall approval rating of Trump inched up by two points to 41%.

CNBC notes that the survey showed that recent controversial decisions in the framework of the migration crisis, in particular, the separation of families of migrants – did not impact the indicators in any way. The issue of migrants is the worst topic for the president. More than half (51%) of Americans disagree with Trump’s migration policy.
Earlier it was reported that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) does not exclude the beginning of a recession in the US economy after 2020.

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