Chinese tycoon released, returns home


The executive director and founder of the Chinese retailer, Liu Qiangdong (better known as Richard Liu), returned to China after having being detained in the US on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct.

The businessman was detained over the weekend in the state of Minnesota and released shortly of “handling complaints.” Local authorities indicated that despite the release of Richard Liu, the investigation of the case continues.

The press service of the Chinese retail tycoon, commenting on the information about the detention of its founder, reported that Liu was released without charge and without bail requirements.

“An investigation by local police did not find any evidence of misconduct,” press service added, “and he will continue his trip as planned. We will take the necessary legal action against false reporting or rumors.” is one of the leaders of the Chinese Internet commerce market. It is engaged with online delivery of products and various goods. Forbes assesses the condition of Qiangdong Liu at $ 7.9 billion.

Liu Qiangdong is one of the richest people in China.

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