Changes in White House may provoke The Green Deal worldwide


The result of the US presidential election next month could bring a tipping point in the global fight against climate change. If the Democrat Joe Biden is elected, a “great deal of cooperation between Europe, China and the US can be achieved”. A second term by Donald Trump, on the other hand, brings out the Paris targets.

If Biden wins the elections, he wants to take over Europe’s climate ambitions, and right back in the Paris climate agreement. That attitude is at odds with president Trump’s course. His second term will be a continuation of the current policy, in which virtually all environmental measures are discarded.

The fact that American elections can have a major impact on the fight against climate change was revealed in 2016. Barely a year after the world concluded the “historic” climate agreement of Paris, Donald Trump won – and withdrew the U.S. from the agreement. An exceptional step, almost all the other countries in the world are participating, but the biggest economy is not.

“The euphoria of Paris disappeared as quickly as he came. Since then, man and power has been working to get the movement back.”

Beukeboom refers in particular to the European Union, which managed to strike the ‘green deal’. This plan should make Europe climate neutral by 2050 and halve CO2 emissions by 2030 (spacious).

The annual UN climate summits, however, have become political wrangles about energy interests. There has been little progress to report in recent years.

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