Bitcoin is now accepted as a payment for Tesla cars


Americans now have the opportunity to deal with bitcoins at car manufacturer Tesla. This was announced by CEO Elon Musk via Twitter. Customers outside the United States have to wait a while before they can buy the brand’s electric cars with the cryptocurrency.

Tesla announced earlier this year its intention to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. The auto and technology company itself invested 1.5 billion dollars in the digital currency.

On Twitter, Musk now reports that the bitcoins the company receives are held as bitcoins. The company does not intend to exchange them for fiat currencies.

Bitcoin has, with ups and downs, greatly increased in value over the past year. At the moment, the coin is worth more than eight times as much as it was a year ago, according to figures from the site this context, the wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies plays a role. More and more professional investors are investing in bitcoin.

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