Billionaire busted on drug charges


US businessman Henry Nicholas III was detained in Las Vegas on suspicion of major drug trafficking. The billionaire was detained in the Las Vegas Strip gambling and resort area, on suspicion of trafficking of the whole bunch of illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy. Police was called when security guards helped the billionaire to get into his room and found his unconscious girlfriend with semi-deflated drub in her mouth.

Ambulance was called and paramedics saved intoxicated Ashley Fargo — the ex-wife of Brian Fargo, an heir to the Wells Fargo. Security found canisters of nitrous oxide in the room — and a further search by cops also turned up miscellaneous drugs inside a case. The couple was arrested on criminal possession and trafficking charges.

The court session is scheduled for September. The lawyer of billionaire David Chesnoff said that his team is conducting their own investigation. Henry Nicholas III, together with his business partner Henry Samuel in 1991, founded Broadcom. In February 2016, the company bought the Singapore Avago for $ 37billion, and changed its name to Broadcom Limited. Nikolos left Broadcom in 2003, but remained the owner of minor stake. Forbes magazine estimates his fortune worth $3.1 billion.

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