Barack Obama ‘feels’ that his successor Donald Trump has ‘completely failed’


Former President Barack Obama feels that his successor Donald Trump has ‘completely failed’ to deal with the corona epidemic. “The idea that the White House has done something other than completely screw this thing up is nonsense,” he said Saturday in Miami, Florida, on a campaign for his vice president, now Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Trump was also campaigning in Florida and continued on Saturday to North Carolina, both major states for the November 3 election. Some places in North Carolina have high levels of infection. The same goes for Ohio, his next campaign destination. “Do you know why we fell? Because we’re testing so much,” Trump said in Lumberton.

“And in many ways that is good. And in many ways, it’s very stupid. If we only tested half, the number of cases would also be halved. And then there would be a headline: the number of cases is wonderful, but they want us to Test, Test, Test.”

The United States set a new record of almost 84,000 new infections on Friday. The Chinese lung virus has now infected over 8.5 million Americans and resulted in the deaths of more than 224,000 people in the US, much more than in any other country.

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