Apple Refuted ‘Non-Triggered Speech Recording’ Allegations


iPhones do not record the voice of users without their consent and the company also does not allow doing this to third-party applications, the Apple management said in a statement on Wednesday.

The letter was in response to the request of members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the US House of Representatives who demanded the company to explain the reports that its devices allegedly record the speech of users without their consent.

Concerns were aroused by Siri’s voice assistant. According to users, Apple’s smartphones are waiting for the trigger phrase “Hi Siri”, then listen, record and save all other words of users.

Reuters points out that in a letter sent to the congressmen, the company rejected these allegations, noting that the iPhone does not record the voice of users. Apple stressed that Siri does not transfer any received voice commands to any third party. The company also recalled that in order to use the voice assistant, the user had previously agreed to give Siri access to the microphone.

In April, the founder of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg answered the similar question of congressmen. The businessman noted that the social network uses microphones on devices exclusively during video recording and does not record conversations of users when they are not connected to the network.

Congressmen were concerned that customers reports about receiving advertising from the social network that relates to a topic of a causal conversation among themselves. “Facebook does not do this, and I do not know who else could do this. Perhaps this is just a coincidence,” Zuckerberg assured.

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