Another riot and looting started after shooting of armed black suspect


Many people have been looting and vandalizing in the west of the American city of Philadelphia, after police had shot and killed a black suspect on a street.

The man, Walter Wallace Jr, was armed with a knife and ignored instructions from officers, according to police. Two officers fired at the man, who was hit several times and died a short time later.

A short time later, according to local media, rioters smashed windows and set fire to the west of the city. According to the newspaper Inquirer, a police officer was run over by a speeding truck. The policeman would have broken a leg, Fox News writes.

Officers had to stand around the victim with a hedge. In the meantime, they received a shower of stones, according to the newspaper. The driver was arrested shortly afterwards. It is unclear whether it was a protester.

Prior to this, there were also demonstrations against the police at a police station in the area where the suspect was shot. More than 30 police officers have been injured and more than 30 people have been arrested. A police car was also set on fire.

Mayor Jim Kenney announced an investigation into Wallace’s death.

“I have seen the video and we now have to answer complicated questions.”

The mayor also spoke to the next of kin. The victim’s father wonders to the Inquirer why the officers had to shoot ten times and no taser was used against his son who refused to put a knife away. According to him, his son was confused and on medication.

The Inquirer also saw the footage and writes that Wallace Jr. comes to the agents and refuses to answer multiple calls.

The police had turned out after a report that a man in the street would be brandishing a knife.

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