Americans’ Trust in White House Direction Highest in 13 Years


A Gallup public opinion poll released showed that 38% of the country’s residents are satisfied with the way the country develops at the current course. This is the highest figure since 2005.

The poll showed that 38% of residents are satisfied with the state of affairs in the country. This is the highest figure since 2005, when the number of satisfied people reached 39%.

The main reasons for the increase are the drop in the unemployment rate, economic growth, Donald Trump’s pull-out from the nuclear deal with Iran, as well as the talks of the American president with the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un.

The Hill emphasizes that the increase in the number of satisfied people was mainly thanks to supporters of the Republican Party, 68% of whom believe that the administration is conduction the right policy. The voter of the Democratic Party is mostly unhappy with the state of affairs. The number of satisfied Democrats does remains steadily at 13%.

The poll’s findings are important primarily for the Republican Party, which in November will have to defend their positions in Congress in the midterm elections, the media said.

The public trust in Donald Trump at the end of May reached 45%. At the same time, 55% of respondents said they did not trust the incumbent head of the White House.

A survey by Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll in late May also showed that out of the 20 politicians proposed to Americans only former vice-president Joe Biden and US representative in the UN Nikki Haley enjoyed a confidence rating higher than the mistrust, although 44% of respondents said they did not know who was Haley.

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