After Media, Trump Takes on Pollsters


President Donald Trump during a rally in Florida on Tuesday said that opinions polls are fake. Trump accused the media of concealing polls that show positive results about his presidency.

After this phrase, Trump boasted a poll, according to which he is the most popular Republican president since Abraham Lincoln. “Polls are fake, like everything else,” Trump said during the campaign-style rally.

Trump’s criticism of opinion polls was not different from the president’s attacks on the so-called fake news.

The American president added that if fake news had conducted a poll, he would have shown that only 25% of Americans have open accounts, although in reality they are about 44%.

After some pause, Trump boasted a poll, which indicates his popularity as president. “They just came out with a poll – the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party is Trump! Can you believe that?” the president told the crowd.

A survey by Gallup released last month indicated that Trump’s approval rate was at 90 percent among Republicans.

It is unclear, though, the findings of which Trump was referring to when making such claims.

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