Youtube will fight conspiracy with Wikipedia (conspiracy)


As if Wikipedia were not broadly present in the Google search result it will spawn in yet another place: under the Youtube videos promoting ‘conspiracy theories’. This decision was taken by Google to fight widely present and popular ‘conspiracy’ videos on Youtube. The decision, however, is very controversial by itself. And it promotes conspiracy too!

Wikipedia as a source of common wisdom?

If you have never encountered errors in Wikipedia you just haven’t read it enough. By fact Wikipedia’s own ecology is ruled by organized groups of influence as any other media. Wikipedia is also not free of political, nationalistic and many other influences. It is not the Wikipedia is bad. We use it and find it quite a good starting point. It’s easy to prove that Wikipedia, however, is only a reflection of current state of society – with all the controversies inherited. Imagine if Wikipedia project has been started in Medieval time. Will we consider the Wikipedia as a final weapon against ’round Earth conspiracy’?

“People can still watch the videos, but then they have access to additional information,” said Wojcicki.

Why bother with conspiracy at all?

Why Youtube bothers with conspiracy at all? Who cares? And why Google is feeling some moral obligation to keep the people’s heads nice and clean? And who will decide what is ‘conspiracy theory’, where is ‘investigative journalism’ and so on? To push Wikipedia as a decisive argument to final truth is at least strange decision.

“Our goal is to start with a list of internet conspiracies listed on the internet where there is a lot of active discussion on YouTube,” Wojcicki said at SXSW.

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