US ‘Golden State Killer’ jailed for life


A former police officer who pleaded guilty to a series of murders and kidnappings that terrorized California for decades was sentenced on Friday to multiple terms of life without parole after more than 45 victims and family members testified over three days to the pain and anger caused by the man known as the Golden State Killer.

Debbi Domingo McMullan was among the victims’ relatives who spoke in court, as the former officer, Joseph James DeAngelo, 74, listened quietly, his face covered with a white mask.

Prosecutors said Mr. DeAngelo murdered Ms. McMullan’s mother, Cheri Domingo, 35, of Goleta, Calif., and Ms. Domingo’s boyfriend, Gregory Sanchez, 27, on July 27, 1981, when his identity remained unknown and his long trail of violence frustrated law enforcement officials from the southern coast to the Central Valley and the Bay Area to Sacramento.

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