UK Spy Chief: Shine a Light through Fog of Lies, Half-truths and Obfuscation 


The head of the British special service MI5, Andrew Parker, will warn in a future address to his European counterparts in Berlin. A significant part of this speech will be devoted to the Islamic State and Russia.

The media learned that Parker warned European intelligence community that ISIS aims to commit aims to commit a series of direct “devastating” and “more complex” attacks in Europe

In the first ever public speech delivered overseas by a head of MI5, Parker is also planning to leash out on Russia for the “deliberate and targeted” poisoning of former GRU colonel Sergey Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. Parker believes that Russia runs the risks of becoming “an even more isolated outcast”. According to the head of MI5, the Kremlin ” flagrantly breaches of international rules” and conducts the course with the help of “aggressive and pernicious actions by its military and intelligence services.”

A considerable part of Parker’s speech will be devoted to Moscow’s “slanderous statements” and “unprecedented level of misinformation” after what happened in Salisbury.

The Guardian notes that Parker will also insist on the interaction between the special services of the EU and Britain after Brexit. 

“In today’s uncertain world we need that shared strength more than ever,” he will tell his audience in Berlin, according to a draft,” the draft reads.

On May 5, a spokesman for the British Foreign Ministry said that London does not intend to change its position on what happened in Salisbury, even despite the information that the “Novichok” was tested in the Czech Republic.

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