Strategic command shared a cat walk over the keyboard: no nukes launched


An enigmatic tweet from the U.S. military has gone viral on social media. Thirteen characters long was the message that caused a lot of discussion. Was the Communication ’;L;;gmlxzssaw’ a nuclear code? Anyway, it was food for online conspiracy theorists.

Soon there were suggestions that it would probably be an innocent mistake. “This must be a pocket message from our nuclear headquarters,” retired General Mark Hertling said via Twitter. His suspicion that it was an accident turned out not to be very far from reality, write the Guardian.

According to the spokesman of the forces had a the social media manager of the Defense’s Twitter account at home for some time, a problem of which it is a playful young child loose on the keyboard and it even turned out that the offending tweet to the world. The employee later posted an apology message, including language error. At a later point, the tweets were removed, to prevent further sharing on social media. A hack was denied at the military offices.

The military account has more than 200,000 followers and is usually used to highlight the operations of the US military.

The misstep is somewhat reminiscent of an earlier tweet by former President Donald Trump. There was a lot of excitement when he tweeted the word ’covfefe’ in the early morning of May 31, 2017. What went wrong was never clarified by Trump.

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