Police has been sued for 3 million for ‘excessive use of force’


A 75-year-old demented woman in the Us city of Loveland, Colorado, has a claim of $ 3 million was allotted for the use of excessive force during her arrest last year.

Police officers handcuffed Karen Garner and held her for hours at the police station for a shoplifting. The woman had taken $ 13.88 worth of stuff from the store. When she was arrested, she broke her arm and her shoulder was dislocated, but the officers refused medical attention.

The woman’s family had filed a lawsuit against the city and the two officers who arrested her. A lawyer announced in a press conference on Wednesday that the woman’s condition has deteriorated rapidly since her arrest. She needs constant care.

A spokesperson for the municipality of Loveland, about 50 miles north of Denver, in a written statement offered his “deep and sincere apologies” for the arrest and acknowledged that ” the values and integrity that the city holds up had not been acted upon.”

The officers in question have resigned and are on trial at the end of September for, among other things, abuse resulting in bodily injury and civil misconduct. Initially, executives within the police force would have said, on the basis of the video footage last year, that ‘proper’ action had been taken. The officers claim that they repeatedly asked the woman if she needed medical attention, but she did not answer.

Chief Constable Bob Ticer said Wednesday in a comment that ‘under no circumstances is there an excuse for what happened to Mrs. Garner’. However, at the request of the victim’s lawyer to submit his resignation, he did not comply.

“I understand the emotion, I understand the demands. But it is my responsibility to ensure that these investigations are handled professionally” – he told to The Denver Post.

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