Nancy seems to be not amused with the artwork on her house


Vandals (artists, activists, you name it) have smeared the Houses of American top politicians Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. At the House of Pelosi, the Democratic president of the House of Representatives, a pig’s head was found at the door. McConnell, the Republican Foreman in the Senate, also got graffiti on the facade of his home.

Angry citizens seem to have taken their anger out on the top politicians involved Pelosi and McConnell. Local media in San Francisco say that there was a pig’s head outside Pelosi’s House and someone sprayed “$2K” on her garage. On the garage door, the slogans were “cancel rent payments” and “we want everything.”

On a door and window of McConnell’s apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, vandals shot up local media saying, ” where’s my money?” and “Mitch kills the poor.” It’s unclear if anyone was at home when that happened. McConnell reacted horribly and said that vandalism and politics based on Fear have no place in our society. In past she favored the ‘artists and activists’,

The vandalism took place after Thursday a long discussion on financial support for American citizens jammed during the crisis.

Congress approved a stimulus package of hundreds of billions of dollars last month. Most Americans receive a grant of USD 600.

President Donald Trump calls that amount far too low and demands that it be increased to $ 2,000. That amount is part of a broader package that needs to be agreed and that also removes the protection of tech companies in the US.

In the United States, Section 230 protects tech companies from prosecution on behalf of the posts posted by their users on sites. For example, due to this law, Facebook is not personally responsible for offensive, threatening or other bad messages from visitors.

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