Killling of seemingly unarmed 13-year old sparked outrage


Chicago authorities have released footage of a 13 – year-old boy being shot by a police officer. According to the police, the boy was armed, but that is not clear from the footage.

The police officer’s body cam footage shows him chasing Adam Toledo, ordering him to stop and show his hands. Then he shoots him, just as the teenager has stopped and put his hands in the air.

A few moments later, the boy dies of his injuries. That happened over two weeks ago, but today the footage was released. Over the past few days, the police had repeatedly reported that the boy was armed. That doesn’t seem to be the case from the footage, although the police also showed a photograph of a gun on the ground, near where the boy succumbed.

During a press conference where the images were released, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the images “unbearable” and called on residents to remain calm at a time when tensions over police violence are already high in the country.

Some point out that it was very suspicious that a 13-year-old boy ran away from the police at 2: 30 in the night.

“Whether Adam was a choir boy or involved in some improper activity, the fact is that he was walking down the street and was shot, although he was not armed at the time he was killed,” Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, the Toledo family’s lawyer told reporters.

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