Wisconsin to spend $6.8 million more on promoting itself to the Millenials


Wisconsin’s population is aging. This trend can’t be broken with internal measures alone. The influx of new people is vital for the economic prosperity of the state. Wisconsin has a good reserve to grow – if it persuades Millennials from the neighboring Chicago metropolitan area. And to be honest – there are some benefits in moving from Illinois to Wisconsin. The ad campaign, launched by Governor Scott Walker is aiming to inform Chicago commuters that there are some other ways to spend the time – but it imply relocation to Wisconsin.

The campaign was launched in January and it includes advertisement on “L” trains in Chicago, targeted ads in Google Adsense and social networks. It is still unknown if it has brought results, however it is still in progress. Moreover – republicans are planing to expand it further. Scott Walker is asking to approve $6.8 million to expand the campaign to further to Midwestern cities. It is one of a kind campaign: no other states are promoting itself so actively.

Advertisement promotes lower cost of life and higher comfort as benefits for relocation to the Wisconsin. It’s message is subtle but understandable. Of course the advertisement alone will not help to bring the new workforce to the state. Meanwhile it is great way to promote the benefits of living in Wisconsin.

Central point of the whole campaign is the site We encourage you to visit it to see it for yourself and decide if it was worth the money.

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