Wisconsin to recount ballots, but will not perform an audit


Donald Trump’s campaign team has applied for recounts in Wisconsin in two counties, Dane County and Milwaukee County.

In these two districts, the majority of Democratic votes have been cast and, according to the Trump campaign, most irregularities have occurred.

In order to cover the recount, the campaign has transferred $3 million to the Electoral Commission in Wisconsin. A total recount would cost almost $8 million.

In Georgia, the manual of all five million votes is almost complete. The Electoral Commission expects to announce the results tomorrow.

In this state, all votes had to be recounted, because Biden had won with a difference of less than 1%. It is expected that the recount will not yield any other result because the ballots are not checked for authenticity.

Almost two weeks after the elections, the process is entering a new phase. In most states, the counting of votes is almost complete. The results must be certified in the coming week, that is to say approved. First by a local electoral commission, then by the state electoral commission.

That process is not without political obstacles, turned out last night in Wayne County, the state of Michigan. In the Electoral Commission, which consists of two Democratic and two Republican members, the votes stopped because the Republican members refused to approve the vote.

This led to strong criticism from the governor of Michigan, who talked about undermining the voice of the people and fierce protests at the door where the commission met. Eventually, the Republicans turned. They approved the results of the vote, provided that there was still an independent check.

President Trump, however, celebrated it as a victory on Twitter.

The Trump campaign is trying to block the certification of votes in several places, although so far these attempts have been unsuccessful in court. The Trump campaign claims that there has been voter fraud, that later votes have been illegally cast and that employees of polling stations have been pressured by Democratic employees. None of those charges have been proven in full.

In most states, the counties must have submitted their voting results by Monday. After that, state committees have to approve the results.

The next important deadline is December 8th. This is also known as the Safe Harbor, or ‘safe haven’ date, by which all legal procedures on election results must be completed.

This date is always six days before the Electoral College meets. On 14 December that college will meet and the electors and women elected on Election Day will vote for the winner in their state and thus declare the president.

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