Wisconsin sets another record of employment


The state Department of Workforce Development has published the unemployment data for February 2018. Released data show further decline in unemployment. It managed to fall to the record level of 2,9%. That is absolute record for the available historical data.

It also sets record in absolute numbers. As much as 3,068,200 people were employed in February. The data presented by the state Department of Workforce Development shows the addition of 7400 new workplaces compared to the January.

Governmental and state sectors gained 1800 jobs, while private sector has lost 300 jobs. The manufacturing sector was a main driver for the workplaces – it has added 2500 jobs to already successful January. The state’s unemployment rate in January 2018 was at 3,1%. February’s 2.9 percent of unemployment breaks the record of July 1999, when the unemployment rate was at 3%.

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