Where do teens hide drugs?


It is not exactly the most ethical practice to perform searches without warrant. However, in case of the family an teen affairs it can be justified as the sooner the parents will discover the problem the more chances that it will not escalate further. So some delicate inspection of teen rooms is adequate answer for suspicious behavior and sudden change of interests, circle of friends, diminishing performance in school and society. It well can be tied with forming drug addiction.

Teens do hide drugs and are quite inventive in it. Wisconsin Police are informing parents and teachers some basics about performing covert searching in teenage rooms by creating a model room and showing some places where the drugs may be hidden.

School and police officials in northwest Wisconsin constructed mock room to educate parents and supervisors on unexpected and innovative places to search for drug stash. The Leader-Telegram informs that among those are even markers, hygiene products and stuffed animals.

Bridget Coit, a spokeswoman for Eau Claire police reminds:

It’s really a community effort to help families find and identify the signs of drug use or let them know their kids could be involved in these dangerous activities. If parents and guardians know what they’re looking for that’s the best prevention we can ask for with this population.

While searching for drugs, however, one should bear in mind the existence of tampering marks. After all the searches should not deteriorate your relations with children and should be performed on rare occasions and not on the weekly basis. Wisconsin is experiencing rise in drug use and the youth is partly to blame on rising meth, cannabis and opioid abuse.

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