Two police officers are struggling for life after Los Angeles shooting


Two officers were seriously injured in a suburb of Los Angeles after being shot in their patrol car. According to the police, the officers – a man and a woman – are fighting in a hospital for their lives. They were hit by multiple bullets.

Security footage shared by the PD shortly after the incident shows a man walking towards the police car, which stopped at a subway station in the suburb of Compton. He then shoots through the passenger’s window several times. Then he runs away.

President Trump responded to the video. He tweeted about “animals” that need to be “hit hard”. The shooter’s still at large. The police speak of a “cowardly act”.

In a later tweet, the police forces called protesters who had come to the hospital not to block the entrances and exits of the building. According to the police, the demonstrators were chanting, “We hope they die.”

Two months ago, protesters in Compton took to the streets to protest police brutality after an 18-year-old man was shot in the back five times by officers in a foot chase. The man didn’t survive.

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