State of Tennessee asked President Donald Trump for help


After the massive explosion in the city of Nashville on Friday, authorities in the U.S. State of Tennessee have asked President Donald Trump for help. “The current situation is so serious that an effective approach exceeds the capacity of the state,” writes The Governor of the state, Republican Bill Lee, in a letter to Trump.

In downtown Nashville, Friday, Christmas Day, a car bomb exploded in a parked RV. In the few minutes before the bang sounded from the RV a call to leave the area. Earlier in the day, there were also shots fired in the area.

No one has been arrested yet, and the background and motives are not yet known. However, a deliberate action is assumed. CBS News reports on Saturday, based on a police source, that a suspect has been identified. It was supposed to be a 63-year-old man from Nashville.

The blast caused severe damage. At least three people got hurt. In the vicinity of the explosion, according to the city’s chief of police, human tissue may also have been found.

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