Seven dead in Colorado birthday party shooting


Six guests from a birthday party in Colorado were killed in a shooting yesterday. That happened just after midnight. At the party were also several children present, they remained unharmed.

The suspected shooter was also killed, according to police. The shooting started in a trailer where a party was being organized at that time. A police statement shows that the boyfriend of one of the women present threatened to commit suicide. He did it in a spectacular manner.

The man shot six others before taking his own life. Six people died on the scene, one person was taken to the hospital seriously injured, but died there from his injuries.

None of the children present at the party were injured.

“Words fail to describe this tragedy,” the police spokesperson told foreign media. “My heart breaks when I think of all the families who have lost someone and all the children who have lost a parent because of this.”

The governor of the state, Jared Polis, called the shooting ” horrible.” Especially since it happened on Mother’s day. The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the shooting.

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