Partial recount in Wisconsin did nothing to Trump’s case


The recount requested by American president Donald Trump in the state of Wisconsin did not produce the result he hoped for. Joe Biden’s winnings were confirmed. He even got slightly more votes.

Biden was already the winner in Wisconsin. He had a little over 20,000 votes ahead. After this recount, the 10 electors representing the state are finally in the hands of Biden. He won 132 votes thanks to the recount.

President Trump’s team requested a partial recount of the votes on 18 november and paid $ 3 million for it. If you want a recount in Wisconsin, you have to pay for it. Trump chose not to count again all over the state.

Wisconsin has ten electors at the disposal. If Trump had won after the recount, it would not have changed the national result. Biden has 306 electoral votes, Trump made 232.

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