Officers suspended after pepper spraying of 9-year hysterical girl


In the city of Rochester, police officers were suspended after using pepper spray on a 9-year-old girl. She was handcuffed at the time. The images surfaced over the weekend, causing a lot of commotion among the population of the city in the state of New York. How many agents have been suspended is unknown.

According to the police, on Friday, the cops came up with a report of “family problems,” and found the girl who was seriously confused, screaming for her father. The images show how she is controlled. At some point, one of the cops says,” don’t act like a child, “and the girl says,” I am a child.”

Mayor Lovely Warren of Rochester calls the officers ‘actions” simply terrible, ” she announced in a press release. “Our community is furious, and rightly so. Unfortunately, the laws in this state and trade union rules do not allow me to take any more far-reaching measures at this time.”The officers are suspended until an internal police investigation is completed. District Attorney Letitia James of the state of New York says that her office, too, is now investigating the case.

A local church leader said at a press conference that the incident reveals a structural problem within the police. “The cop who got annoyed and said’ just spray it on her ‘ clearly shows the inhumane of some cops when it comes to the lives of black people.”

At a press conference on Sunday, local police chief Andre Anderson told me that the girl was “suicidal” and did not listen to the cops. He said the use of pepper spray was therefore necessary. The girl, whose name is unknown, was treated at the local hospital after the incident and is now back with her family.

In September 2020, the top police force in Rochester quit, after a 41 – year-old man had died after his arrest. During the arrest of Daniel Prude, a bag was pulled over his head in March of last year. Then the man’s head was pushed to the ground for minutes. The case only caused a stir, when months later, images of the bodycam appeared.

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